Adam L. Cleveland

Adam Cleveland serves as Collections Supervisor and Compliance Officer at Thompson, O’Brien, Kemp, & Nasuti, P.C., where he specializes in recoveries on defaulted obligations, including vehicle loans, mortgages, credit cards, and other consumer and commercial instruments and loan products.  Adam advises creditor clients on maximizing recovery in their non-performing portfolios through demand, workout, litigation, and levy, as well as providing compliance procedures, complaint resolution (including CFPB matters), and civil litigation defense for collections-related cases.

Adam has particular expertise in Georgia garnishment matters, with broad experience filing garnishments against judgment debtors, responding to garnishments and defending against claims, traverses, and defaults on behalf of financial institutions, and maintaining state and federal garnishment compliance procedures for financial institution and employer clients.  In 2015, he served on the Georgia Garnishment Law Task Force, a legislative response to the U.S. District Court’s 2015 order declaring portions of Georgia’s garnishment statute unconstitutional.  The Task Force produced Senate Bill 255, a complete revision of the Georgia Code’s Title 18, which became Georgia’s new garnishment law in 2016.

Adam received his law degree from the University of Georgia, where he also received his undergraduate degree in Biology.   He is a member of the Atlanta Bar Association, the Gwinnett County Bar Association, the Creditors’ Rights section of the Georgia Bar Association, and the National Creditors Bar Association (NARCA) where he serves on the Government and Regulatory Affairs Committee.  He is a registered neutral with the Georgia Office of Dispute Resolution and mediates cases in Georgia’s 10th Judicial District and in the courts of Cobb County.